‘Fuel economy’ is not a phrase that usually gets the excitement factor going. But when it’s your personal economy we’re talking about, it’s a different story. The Fiesta helps you save on fuel, so you have more money for other things. This is the point of no return, because once you drive a car with these features, you’ll never want to drive without them again. It’s good to know that the Fiesta has your safety at heart, with features designed to give you the all-round protection you’re looking for.

1_0_ecoboost_trend-AF (1)

1.0 EcoBoost Trend

From R261,900

1_0_ecoboost_trend-AF (1)

1.0 EcoBoost Trend 6AT

From R277,300

1_0_ecoboost_trend-AF (1)

1.5 TDCi Trend

From R292,500

1-0-EcoBoost-Titanium_AF (1)

1.0 EcoBoost Titanium

From R295,900

1-0-EcoBoost-Titanium_AF (1)

1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 6AT

From R310,600

R261,900 – R310,600

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